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Fabian R.  - 10-20-2015
Not only have I worked here before but have continued to be a customer before and afterwards. The techs are great and can always provide an appropriate diagnostic with a good price. Ricky the manager always works with you in terms of what to repair first. I've had my old cars and my new ones serviced here and they never failed to satisfy. I send my employees, friends and business referrals to this growing and well put together shop.

Iain M.  - 09-18-2015
I remember a few years ago being nervous going from a family friend mechanic to trying to find an auto shop closer to my home that I could have the same trust in as my family. I could not be happier that I found it in the first shop I visited, LSAR. Everyone here is courteous and helpful. The manager Rick is one of the best customer service reps I've experienced in auto shops. Their quotes are accurate to the penny, honest, and no pressure. You can make an appointment for multiple or more lengthy services, or just drive up, honk, and drop off. I can't recall them ever having my vehicle longer than a day or any repair or service. If/when I move out of the neighborhood I'll still be coming here for years. It's fairly faith restoring to find a business that realizes the benefits to honest, caring work and the loyalty it brings.

Erik L.  - 09-22-2015
Quick, friendly, professional, flexible service. A definite recommend.

Adam S.  - 09-11-2015
I had a front fender repaired and painted and also some minor work on other areas. The paint job came out great! It matched the rest of the car perfectly, no sight of waving when you look down the side of the car and was done a day ahead of schedule. I've been going to see Rick and his crew for a few years now, but this seals the deal. They are my only repair shop I go to.

Andrew M.  - 09-06-2015
Logan square auto repair always does great work on my car. It's hard trying to find a shop that you can trust but this one you can. Very knowledgeable and friendly people. I would recommend them to anyone.

Melissa G.  - 08-27-2015
This is by far the best mechanic I have ever been to! I was very skeptical of mechanics in general since I really know nothing about cars, but Rick totally changed all that! Rick, at Logan Square Auto, is knowledgable, patient, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile every time to ensure you are satisfied and all your questions are answered.

Bethany P.  - 08-21-2015
I have had way too many problems with my x5 in this city than i've ever had back home (thanks Chi) but i'm definitely thankful that my friend referred me to these guys! I have grown up with mechanics and know how to deal with the kind that will try to steal parts from your car. However, Logan Square Auto Repair is the real deal! They are honest , knowledgeable and will always give you the best price!I

Leroy M.  - 08-21-2015
Took my Toyota to get the AC belts fixed. Right out of the box he gave me a price to fix the belts. I thought the price was for one belt repair only but when I asked him he said its for the whole thing. Was really amazed by the price and the mechanic really knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

Brie H.  - 08-09-2015
Four and a half years later and I still love this place! Ricky is awesome, the staff at the desk is always helpful and friendly, and the prices are still incredibly reasonable (hint: if you have a AAA card, ask for the discount!). I drive an old busted car that always needs more work than I can put into it, and Ricky is always happy to talk to me about what the issues are, what needs attention, and what I should keep an eye on. The final price is never more than the estimate given, and usually the turnaround is quite quick, meaning I can get my car back sooner rather than later :) This is a top notch neighborhood mechanic, and as long as I have a car in the city, they will be my go-to garage. Thank you LSAR!!!

Natalie M.  - 08-05-2015
These guys are fantastic. Every time I bring my car in, they seem to be quicker and more efficient than the last time I had to come in. They're very reasonably priced, fast, and friendly. Thanks Ricky for everything!

Bill H.  - 07-31-2015
I had a timing belt break in my '06 PT Cruiser. Rick explained all of the options, checked out the car thoroughly and then charged me absolutely nothing for his time and expertise. Next time I need any work done on my other cars I will be glad to bring my business to this shop.

Faron G.  - 07-27-2015
Always quality work and HONESTY. Which is huge in auto repair. Work is solid. Timelines are always met. And we've never had to bring in the car for the same problem twice. They know us by name. Most recently, they've even pointed out additional issues during a routine oil change - but told me I should take it to the dealer because it was covered under warranty. Again... honesty. Love it.

Nicholas J.  - 07-06-2015
I have been coming here for 3 years and have had great service. This is a HONEST repair shop. They could have easily done necessary repairs on my car today, but Rick told me that it was an issue still likely covered by dealer warranty. I will remain a loyal customer!

Sarah M.  - 05-26-2015
I always come here for oil changes because it's so convenient. I noticed my car shaking at high speeds recently I brought it here to be checked out. I thought their estimate was way high ( over $2,000!) to do the repairs so I got a second opinion at another place with 5 star reviews. The second opinion was almost identical to logan sq auto. I felt guilty for not trusting them in the first place. Moral of the story: this place is trustworthy

Kevin M.  - 05-19-2015
This is my go to repair shop. The thing that I like most about Logan Square Auto Repair is that they are honest with you. I know shops that will add on unnecessary parts and repairs just to raise prices but these guys tell you what's needed and only charge you for that. The prices are a little higher than others but you get the right part the first time and they offer a warranty. I can't think of many others that are warranties and guarantee their work. Rick and team are awesome.

Monique B.  - 03-29-2015
I really trust Logan Square Auto Repair with my car. You never feel like you are being overcharged and the owner is very friendly and always calls back after voice mails. You also never have to wait to drop off or pick-up your car. No wonder this business gets such good ratings! What a great group of people -- thank you! I would never go somewhere else.
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