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Chris A. - 6/13/2017
I've been going to Logan Square Auto Repair for years now with a Volvo and Audi A6. They consistently communicate well, providing information and context about needed repairs, accommodate our scheduling requests, and perform great work. The level of complexity has varied and when multiple items are recommended they will help triage it and advise on what is needed right away and what can wait. They stand by their work and have only gotten better as they've expanded and increased their capacity.
Madrid S. - 5/26/2017
Great place. Super friendly, thorough and accommodating! Walked me through the entire servicing of my vehicle...listened to my concerns and questions...provided great service all the way around. They wound up doing work on my vehicle at a much less price than I'd been quoted by a previous auto repair place that had worked on my car. I received a quote for service and when I paid, was actually charged less than my quote, due to their being able to get the parts at a lower cost. Rick, the manager/mechanic took great care of me. Yari, with whom I dealt with over the phone, was exceptional and thorough as well. Highly recommend this place. This was my second time having my car serviced here and I will go nowhere else.
David Dowling - 5/5/2017
I have lived in Chicago for 30 years, and then I finally found Logan Square Auto Repair.

As my car was being towed for the umpteenth time by AAA to another garage, I asked the tow truck driver in desperation whether AAA could recommend a mechanic. The driver gave me Logan Square's card, and I became a believer! After their first job on my 14-year-old Jetta, I came home and told my wife that after 30 years of living in the city, I finally found an auto repair shop that does excellent work and that I can trust. She said, "There are people who go through lifetimes in Chicago without finding a reliable mechanic."

So true. If you're in that endless search, make an appointment with Logan Square Auto Repair.
Marissa L. - 4/3/2017
My car was flooding in the front. I took it in, they found a few leaks coming from the windshield, charged me $200. Still leaking a couple weeks later. Brought it in again, fixed it, no charge. They were very understanding and diligent. I would take my car back here in a heartbeat.
Jess Jankowski - 3/15/2017
Great service, reasonable prices, friendly employees, and not condescending to female customers! No one's trying to take advantage of you here. Very accommodating. 
Jacob Snyder - 2/8/2017
Not pushy. I have actually heard "You don't really need to do that now." from them. They are a longterm mechanic that you can build a relationship with and trust. The prices are fairly good. Usually they are just above what I estimated.
Michael Langenberg - 11/23/2016
Was in Chicago this place did an exceptional job. Highly recommend them!
Lyusha G. - 10/13/2016
I could not be more impressed. I'm always nervous going to have work done on my car because it's blatantly obvious that I know nothing about cars. I came in with a broken glove compartment and a wet floor on the passenger's side that had been damp for weeks. They identified the problem immediately, unjammed my glove compartment, cleaned the leaves out of my air filter, and sent me on my way free of charge. They're honest, friendly and efficient. For sure coming back here for all of my repair needs and it doesn't hurt that they're next door to Estereo with awesome drinks and coffee!
Katie B. - 7/7/2016
I went to Logan Square Auto Repair at the suggestion of a friend and was not disappointed. I was told to ask for Rick, and he was attentive, warm, honest, and quick! I got my brakes completely redone in one day's time and for lower than the quoted price. The service person I spoke with on the phone was also kind enough to look for a 10% off coupon she could place on my bill for me. I will be going to this location for any other needs my vehicle may have, and highly recommend others do the same! Top notch service.
Brooke C. - 7/7/2016
I had been to Logan Square Auto Repair once prior when my car wouldn't start. I had to have it towed here. They provided quick and affordable service.

Like most, I loathe car repairs so when I noticed that all three of my brake lights weren't working I had a meltdown. Knowing that these folks can get the job done, they were the first I called this morning. They got me right in and replaced the switch in five minutes.

Seriously so, so nice. They turn unfavorable events into great experiences.

Thank you, Logan Square Auto Repair.
Joshua W. - 3/24/2016
Been here a few times to repair my 04 Infiniti G35x. Helpful every time, service manager is a nice guy, and repairs never have issues.
Kedward R. - 2/8/2016
This is the only shop I trust. Ricky is awesome, service is phenomenal and they get things done in a timely manner. I've been taking my car there for the last 3 years & I've never had an issue.
Fabian R. - 10-20-2015
Not only have I worked here before but have continued to be a customer before and afterwards. The techs are great and can always provide an appropriate diagnostic with a good price. Ricky the manager always works with you in terms of what to repair first. I've had my old cars and my new ones serviced here and they never failed to satisfy. I send my employees, friends and business referrals to this growing and well put together shop.
Iain M.  - 09-18-2015
I remember a few years ago being nervous going from a family friend mechanic to trying to find an auto shop closer to my home that I could have the same trust in as my family. I could not be happier that I found it in the first shop I visited, LSAR. Everyone here is courteous and helpful. The manager Rick is one of the best customer service reps I've experienced in auto shops. Their quotes are accurate to the penny, honest, and no pressure. You can make an appointment for multiple or more lengthy services, or just drive up, honk, and drop off. I can't recall them ever having my vehicle longer than a day or any repair or service. If/when I move out of the neighborhood I'll still be coming here for years. It's fairly faith restoring to find a business that realizes the benefits to honest, caring work and the loyalty it brings.
Erik L.  - 09-22-2015
Quick, friendly, professional, flexible service. A definite recommend.
Adam S.  - 09-11-2015
I had a front fender repaired and painted and also some minor work on other areas. The paint job came out great! It matched the rest of the car perfectly, no sight of waving when you look down the side of the car and was done a day ahead of schedule. I've been going to see Rick and his crew for a few years now, but this seals the deal. They are my only repair shop I go to.
Andrew M.  - 09-06-2015
Logan square auto repair always does great work on my car. It's hard trying to find a shop that you can trust but this one you can. Very knowledgeable and friendly people. I would recommend them to anyone.
Melissa G.  - 08-27-2015
This is by far the best mechanic I have ever been to! I was very skeptical of mechanics in general since I really know nothing about cars, but Rick totally changed all that! Rick, at Logan Square Auto, is knowledgeable, patient, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile every time to ensure you are satisfied and all your questions are answered.
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