Wheel Alignment

If you need a wheel alignment for your BMW you don’t have to visit a dealership. Logan Square Auto Repair can provide you with much more affordable service than you’d receive from a BMW Dealership.
Did you know that a pothole or a small bump can affect your BMW wheel alignment? When you hit a pothole it can cause wheel alignment problems that lead to premature wear on your tires and suspension, increasing fuel usage and causing poor handling of your BMW.

Here at Logan Square Auto Repair we can provide you with a professional, reliable, and affordable alignment service for your BMW, reducing the cost you’d pay for BMW alignment at a dealership. We can ensure your steering geometry and vehicle suspension is aligned properly to match BMW’s specification, leaving your car running good as new.

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

  • Wheels last longer
  • Rolling resistance minimized
  • Improved Handling
  • Safer Driving
Our staff is fully qualified to deal with all your BMW wheel alignment issues, providing you a professional and reliable service at an affordable price you’d never receive at a BMW dealership.

Do you need a Wheel Alignment?

If you’re concerned our car is not driving the way it should be, then bring it to our garage where we can check if your tires are aligned properly, or do a simple check yourself. To determine if your BMW needs a wheel alignment, check each tire and look for any uneven wear patterns. If you see any wear and tear your tires need to be aligned.

Wheel Balancing

If a wheel on your BMW is out of balance this will cause your car to vibrate at high speeds which can be felt in the steering wheel. If you have wheel balancing problems, it can cause steering or tracking problems as well as excessive tire wear.

If you’re looking for professional service for your BMW to deal with alignment issues that are more affordable than a BMW dealership, please contact Logan Square Auto Repair and let us provide you with a safer driving experience.
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